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Screening Salon: Our Music & Our Dreams Tues. Dec 29

Featured Guest Michael Mollura, Film Composer & Jungian Psychologist

5 - 7pm PT / 8 - 10pm ET

Join us as we immerse in the magic of music and it's role in our lives... and in our dreams.

This pop-up screening salon is designed to inspire and activate. Featured Guest Michael Mollura will bring his depth of experience, immense talent and warm heart to us on the last full moon of the year... a perfect transition to the new year!

Michael is both an award-winning composer of feature films and a licensed PhD level Jungian clinical psychologist...
- As a composer, he has contributed original music to award-winning films including Climate Refugees, HBO's Hot Coffee, Awake: The Life of Yogananda, Hare Krishna, Heal and The Road to Dharma.
- In his psychology practice, Michael specializes in dream interpretations using original music to access neural pathways to healing.

$11 per person + a guest (Once you book, Contact Us to let us know who to expect and how to reach them.)


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