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Friday, November 20

I know that for me, the increasing uncertainty of COVID has me feeling even more grateful about the time I spent with everyone in our Screening Salon on Tuesday.  I have SO much gratitude to Erahm Christopher for clearing his schedule to be with us for the entire series of LISTEN, LEARN… SPEAK.

As with the first salon, we started off with each of us putting an ingredient into our circle of connection.  This time, I asked everyone to recall how old we were when we felt particularly isolated, unseen or perhaps seen in a way that hurt.  Ironically most of us went back to our teens... the age group that has been the primary focus of Erahm’s work and screened content. 

After seeing his short that launched a global mental health initiative and the excerpt of his full length film LISTEN, followed by breakout sessions and group conversation, we closed by sharing words like opened, heard, nourished, blessed and grateful.  

I realized afterwards that I didn’t share mine, which would have been "reluctant to end the session"!  There is so much to these Stone Soup Ripple themes and the salon participants who bring them to life.  This is exactly why I use a series format.  It's also why I use breakout sessions and also add a closing session to each series.

Looking Ahead to Next Week - Self-Portraits of the Unacknowledged:
Next Tuesday Erahm will give us a rare view into the hearts and minds of youth who are rarely asked how they think and feel.  THE PHILADELPHIA PROJECT is a cinema vérité short film through which he reveals an intimate portrait of sixteen students in one of the most dangerous schools in America. It was filmed almost entirely in one classroom over the course of seven months.  We will see what happens when they’re given the opportunity to pay attention and listen to themselves, as well as to each other.

Book your spot if you haven't already:
  • Here are the Quick Links for next week and the closing salon of this series:  Nov 21 and Dec 1
  • Speaking of dates, here’s the Quick Link to our Dec 29  Year-End Pop-Up Gathering

Feel free to add your comments and thoughts in the chat below... and thank you for adding your unique ingredients to this growing community.


… building authentic, purposeful connection in a changing world.

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